An anarcha-feminist, queer, radical, anti-capitalist DIY music festival for anyone who wants it or thinks they might want it. A celebration in smashing patriarchy, showcasing artists who are underrepresented. This festival is for everyone who is disaffected or disgusted by the current independent music culture, dominated by straight, white males.

We refuse to adapt and accommodate this inherently oppressive, hierarchical structure.  Let’s break the binary and build a new space, one that is safe, and inclusive, based on solidarity. Music for everyone.

We aim to affirm and encourage all artists doing it ourselves and empower us to keep moving forward, doing it together. Creating an environment where we break systemic barriers, help foster conversations and build relationships. Offering resources, workshops, and skill sharing. Solidarity in the struggle. Gender Liberation

What we have is RADICAL and its time to party HarD.I.Y, shred, sing along, dance our hearts out, be heard, have fun and bring this to all things we do, every action.

Because we agree that patriarchy hurts everyone (and some ALOT more than others)!

Because we agree that music + noise making are a force for GENDER LIBERATION!

Shout Back! Fest takes place on unceded Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver BC Canada).

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