Safe(r) Space(s) in Punk Communities

From Bikini Kill to Los Crudos, Pansy Division to New Bloods, queer punks, female punks, and punks of colour have been carving out spaces for themselves on both a local and international level. In this facilitated discussion, we will attempt to address whether safer space, for marginalized folks in punk and other radical music scenes, is even possible. And if so, what does it look like?  How do we get there? How do we hold ourselves, and the radical DIY communities we are engaged in, accountable?

Capitalism and Patriarchy: Enacting Feminist Value Systems

What is patriarchy? How does it shape who and what our society values – economically and culturally? How can we combat this and enact a different, non-discriminatory value system? This workshop will provide some intellectual fodder for the fight. People of all genders are welcome!


Zine Library Workshops

Come to this workshop if you are interested in learning about and making zines.  This will be a hands-on, collaborative workshop, so come prepared with materials and ideas.  Carly will go through a variety of zine folding and binding techniques and we will talk about zine history, layout, materials, and content.  There will be small zine library at the workshop to provide samples to inspire you, and an informative handout with a list of resources.

Recommended materials:

all sorts of paper
collage materials
writing utensils

Anarchy is Queer : A look at gender tyranny as performed by the state and reproduced by the masses; and of course, what do we think we can do about it?

The social pressure to conform with regard to (monogamous, hetro-) sexuality and birth-assigned gender has been a target of anarchist critique on this continent for over a century. The relationship between Authority (state, church, capital) and our bodily experiences with regard to sex and gender is severe and well-documented; subjects of this relationship include reproductive ‘rights’, gender assignment, the privileged status of marriage, custodial rights to children, ‘hate crimes’, etc. Yet these conversations often find foundation in power relationships between persons assigned to certain genders, and avoid querying the power relationship between Authority and Gender as concepts/forces working between all of us.

After reviewing historical and current examples to provide context, this workshop will focus on the experience of gender in this land and will explore an anti-civ / insurrectionary approach to gender liberation through facilitated discussion. In particular, topics to be explored include:
- Who gains from enforcing a rigid gender binary? Who suffers?
- What can gender insurrection look like?
- What are comrades doing to end gender tyranny worldwide?
- What do we want to do here?

Participating comrades will be invited to share in solidarity letter writing so we can send love to prisoners of gender tyranny.

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