Shout Back! Festival is very happy to announce the 2014 band lineup!!! Thank you so much to everyone who applied ♥♥♥♥

✿ Ⓐ▼♒☁ ☂☀✿ ✄ ♡ ✉ ❀☾☻☽★♥ ☺☹★彡☆ ✿☹★彡☆ ✿

artistic crisis (Bellingham)
banshee (Edmonton)
beast nest (oakland)
briana marela (olympia)
cake face
catty kits
celebacy now (seattle)
channels 3x4
cloud lite (oakland)
doctor sleep (olympia)
dogjaw (olympia)
ex by v (philly)
fakes (montreal)
fanciulla gentile (oakland)
felonious parker
filthy liars
freaky pup (bellingham)
gummy bear (japan)
hard bitch
haunted mouse
homo monstrous (regina)
katie and the lichen
kiss painting
the lonsdales
margy pepper (olympia)
mass marriage
metallic (olympia)
mourning coup
nation of two (seattle)
nighTraiN (seattle)
no babies (oakland)
old girl (victoria)
old nell (montreal)
ora cogan
other jesus
poor form
power altar (oakland)
purple hearts social club
purple! pink!
ragana (oakland)
rigoria (kootneys)
sajia sultana
sbsm (oakland)
screaming queens
seaside tryst (seattle)
sharkpact (olympia)
she dreams in colour
smear lord
tasha solace
thingy (texas) 
toilet heart
true crush
violent vickie (san francisco)

Shoutback Festival Schedule

An all-ages anarcha-feminist, queer, anti-capitalist DIY music festival for anyone who wants it or thinks they might want it. A celebration in smashing patriarchy, showcasing artists who are under-represented.

See accessibility info for all venues below.

This year we will be offering childcare upon request, so please let us know if this is something you will be needing. 


Skill-sharing on a variety of subjects, such as:

❈ Anti-oppression and Decolonization

❈ Direct Unionism

❈ Fat Panic!

❈ Feminism and Hip Hop

❈ Fix Yr Bike

❈ Skateboarding

❈ Re-Wilding the Shitty: A Response to the Concrete Jungle

with more TBA!!

\\ ART SHOW @ Art Bank ///

Friday 6-8pm

Saturday 1 - 5pm

3pm: Film Screening: !Women Art Revolution

▼Music Schedule▼


»»» Kick off party at Astorino’s!

5:00 Doors open! Pick up your passes and schedules! 

5:30 Welcoming and Territorial Acknowledgement

6:00 Anti-Oppression and Decolonization Workshop

8:00 Cascadia

8:30 Whip

9:00 Imaginary Pants

9:30 Dad Thighs 

10:00 Stefana Fratila


»»» 877 East Hastings

8:30 Chelsea Johnson

9:00 Sajia Sultana

9:30 Waxing Hearts [Seattle]

10:00 Rose Melberg

10:30 Copy/Paste

11:00 Catty Kits

11:30 Nancy Leticia

12:00 Janette King

12:30 Hot Fruit [Olympia]

»»» Artbank

8:00 Hooves

8:30 Scrambled Debutante

9:00 Skunt

9:30 Lunchlady

10:00 Dead Soft

»»» Rainbow Connection

7:00-8:30 Direct Unionism Workshop

10:30 Ratis

11:00 Bümflap

11:30 Body Betrayal [Seattle]

12:00 Menopause

12:30 Prank War [Olympia]


»»» Astorino’s

1:00-3:00 Fix Yr Bike Workshop

3:00-5:00 Skateboard Workshop 

12:00 Derek Wheeler

12:30 She Dreams In Colour

1:00 Kilikina

1:30 Gender Dog

2:00 Freaky Pup [Bellingham]

2:30 Hot Tears [Olympia]

3:00 Dr. Nothing

3:30 Reverter

4:00 Shearing Pinx

4:30 Daisy World [Oakland]

5:00 Screaming Queens

5:30 Lori Goldston [Seattle]

»»» ArtBank

1 - 5pm open house art viewing !!!

3pm: Film Screening: !Women Art Revolution

»»» Glam Haus

1:00 Dream Baby

1:30 True Crush

2:00 Make Love

2:30 Huntley

3:00 Leila Neverland

3:30 Autococoon [Seattle]

4:00 Hans

4:30 Pansy

5:00 Achieve Happiness

5:30 Ashley Pitre

»»» Gallery Gachet

7:00- 9:00 Fat Panic Workshop

»»» Franklin Studios

8:00 Hard Bitch

8:30 Bitpart [Paris / Olympia]

9:00 Noisy Tits 

9:30 Nation of Two [Seattle]

10:00 Cellmate [Portland]

10:30 Nun Un

11:00 DANCE. PARTY. 

»»» Astorino’s

8:00 Artistic Crisis [Bellingham]

9:00 Sontag

9:30 Diane

10:00 Loose Tights

10:30 Poor Choices [Victoria]

11:00 Therapy

11:30 Margy Pepper [Olympia]

»»» Artbank

8:00 - 11:00 hiphop party featuring:

Claire Mortifee

Asha Moyo

Tonye Aganaba


Misty Seemore and British Columbia

Nik and Yushi

Marisa and Jason

Josh and Pat

Yushi, Megu and Monika

Ice Cream House dance


Freestyle Rap Alliance 



»»» Waffles ‘n’ Noise (Thor’s Palace)

10:00 WAFFLES!

11:15 Hot Noisy Mess 

12:00 Regular Fantasy

12:45 The Nausea

1:30 Spell

2:15 Nancy Drew Pentagrams [Olympia]

3:00 Lié

»»» Strathcona Skate Park

Garden Walk

Re-Wilding the Shitty: A Response to the Concrete Jungle


5:00 Love Cuts

5:30 Village

6:00 Megabog [Seattle]

6:30 Ghost Ease [Portland]

7:00 Bushtit

7:30 Thee AHs

8:30 Movieland

***Bonus show organized by friends of Shout Back! featuring Miens & Sontag***

❈ Subject to change!

❈ Venue details coming soon!

❈ Super duper excited!

Accessibility info:


There is one gradient step up to the door of the venue. It is 2.5” at the lowest point and 6” at the highest, for which a ramp is available.  There are two washrooms stalls with grab bars, one in each washroom; the doors to these stalls are 30” and they are 42” wide.  Shows at this venue are sober shows—no BYOB, and no alcohol will be sold at the venue.


There a non-automatic door at street level that leads to a tiny concrete ramp. This ramp leads to the large show room. There is a large washroom, measurements to come.


There are no stairs or steps in the entrance.  The (gender-neutral) washroom has a narrow entrance.  An accessible washroom is located in a pub less than half a block away and we talking to the owners to see if Art Bank attendees can make use of it at no charge during the festival.


front door: 5 feet width

front door step: 6 inch height

ramp: 31 inch width

washroom door: 33 inch width

toilet: 10 inch clearance on left side

14 inch clearance in front to sink

the washroom has a handrail

There is one gender-neutral washroom.


The entrance is street-level with no stairs or steps and is one meter wide.  The gender-neutral washroom located past a narrow hallway with a sharp 90 degree turn.  We are currently attempting to source an alternate washroom option.


Kickstand has a 32” gate with three steps leading down into a large basement space, with one gender neutral washroom.


This show here is taking place outdoors in a grassy backyard which can be approached from a paved alley way.  The gender-neutral washroom inside the house must be reached through two flights of stairs.  We are currently sourcing a nearby accessible washroom option.


There is an elevator leading up to the space and a hallway which leads to a gender neutral washroom with a narrow entrance.  More info to come.


This is a house venue with approximately 20 steps leading up into the house.  There is a gender-neutral washroom located up another flight of stairs.


This show takes place in a park outside which may be approached from a concrete gradient pathway approximately five feet wide.  There are ‘male’ and ‘female’ labled washrooms on site with a 1/2 foot step for the entrance and small cubicles.  Regrettably Shout Back coordinators were not successful in securing a wheelchair accessible Porto-Potty for this event.  We are currently sourcing another washroom option for this event, but something close by may not be available.  We apologize for this exclusion.


All shows are all ages!

We are working on a safer spaces team to be present at as many shows as possible.  This team will have identifying arm bands, will be sober, and will be accountable as active listeners and defusing unsafe situations.

We request a $5 donation or the presentation of a $20 festival pass at each music show and workshop.  However no one will be turned away for lack of funds at either shows or workshops.

All shows at Astorino’s are sober shows, however other show venues may have alchohol for sale at them.

All venues are close to public transportation.  Please message us for directions to specific venues.

Free childcare is available upon request for any of the shows and workshops.

Please refrain from wearing strong scents.

We are trying our best to increase the accessibility of this festival and we are open to suggestions and constructive feedback!

Check out these cool resources on accessibility:

If you have any questions, please e-mail